Teachers Union


Our staff is filled with teachers who have a long experience in both online teaching and real classroom teaching.




Teachers Union is an international agency with 3 years of experience working with and for online schools and training centers all over the world. We provide our services to schools that might need additional help with their classes.


We work on behalf of the schools, meaning that we offer our teachers to work and teach for the specific school or training center. Our staff is filled with teachers who have a long experience in both online teaching and real classroom teaching.


We provide teachers for all age groups as well as additional consultant work regarding classroom management and classroom behavior. We also do recruitment on behalf of our clients if they choose us to do so.


Our agency was founded in 2017 by two experinced graduates.

They both worked online for a long time and have spent time in the real classroom.

They realized that online schools and training centers had trouble with certain teachers who did not follow their schedule and their responsibilities.

They decided to do a little research in order to see why. 


As it turns out, the biggest problem was that those teachers did not have the proper qualifications, nor did they have the proper skills that were needed for teaching online.

Also, those teachers acted alone, meaning that they did not represent anyone apart from themselves.

After gathering all the data, our founders decided that it would be best to create an agency, a place, an institution where the teachers who were already experienced would join forces and worked in unity to provide the best possible experience for learners all over the world.

Who are our founders?

George Milosevic

“Hey everyone, my name is George and I have been working as a teacher for 5 years. I have worked both online and in real classrooms where I worked as an English and Economy teacher. I worked, and still am, working with learners from all age groups from every part of the world. I truly believe that as a unity people can change how the world works. Together we can provide a much greater and much more efficient learning experience for all of our students”


Camron Abdullaev

Greetings to all our future associates. We pride ourselves with great number of experienced teachers who helped so many learners all over the world learn and practice English on a daily basis. I am certain that together we can achieve great results and bring smile to many learners as well as learn a great deal ourselves. We are never too old to learn new things.

Why work with us?

As mentioned above, many schools and training centers have trouble finding reliable teachers to work with them. Maine reason for that is the fact that those teachers just work for themselves. In Union, teachers have joined together in sharing ideas and experience in order to better accommodate the needs of the schools and training centers.

We provide teachers who will work for the school and follow the school rules. They will be available for any schedule that the school needs them because we work every day of the week. Our teachers have a full-time job in Union, which means that the Union is available 24h, 7 days a week.

We provide our clients and partners with certainty that their classes will be held and that those classes will be performed by an experienced teacher.


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